How to confess yor sins – Daniel Kistenich

At the end of this sunday’s sermon, which I might post in the near future, our pastor gave us a short set of instructions on the right way to confess sins. 5 Points to sum up how you have to do it:

  1. Self-Accusing – Be like King David!
  2. Voluntary, unforced – Like water flows from a source. The forsaken son did this very well.
  3. With all your heart – Mourn, and repent! Again, the forsaken son is an excellent example.
  4. Specific – Say your name, date and time, exactly what happened, and don’t give any excuses or reasons! Don’t be like Adam – “The Woman you gave me”
  5. Find the Sin behind the sin – A “small” sin often comes from deeper within – jealousy, pride, egoism…

Be structured (as in, do it regularly), but don’t don’t let this keep you from being spontaneous!

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